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October demo post 2014

October 16th, 2014

This is a question we get all the time regarding the Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 phones. Most consumers just assume that if their glass is broken it is a easy and cheap repair to do. Unfortunately, the process for changing just the glass is not only time consuming but unless the proper procedure is followed it can lead to more damage to the phone than was present at the start.

New Website

April 28th, 2009

In today’s market necessities have changed… More and more people are finding that having an internet accessible device is becoming more of a need and makes things in our day to day activities easier. 3G speeds combined with powerful devices makes running a business or just getting in touch with friends and family a snap. Nowadays you e-mail someone on the other side of the world any time of the day within seconds. You can send a picture through Picture Messaging, e-mailing, BBMing, IMing and much more. Choosing the right phone can be difficult. Taking the time to research your pick is always a smart decision. Always compare phones, their abilities, available networks in your area, etc.. Never forget to figure out what you really need and use first, so this way you don’t end up purchasing a mobile device that has more than you need, this can be a costly and irritating mistake. Common features to consider are Speakerphone, Bluetooth, Camera, Quad-band world phone ability, e-mail capability, and web browser. Extra features would be Video record, Stereo Bluetooth, Voice Dialing, and built in MP3 Player. With all these things to consider, sometimes it can get overwhelming, but have no fear! CellSiteComm does most of the work for you. Research out site, find the phone that’s right for you, order, receive and use! Got a question about a product? E-mail us and we will promptly respond to assist you!
Now that you know we’re here to make life easier and more hassle free for you, I guess that only leaves the question, what phone can we get for you?